frequently asked questions on BHB


Most frequent questions and answers on beta-hydroxybutyrate

goBHB is a branded BHB with patent manufacturing technology. goBHB has higher purity and meets the USP standard of heavy metals and microbiologics. goBHB has added no artificial  colors, fillers or preservatives. It’s manufactured in a FDA & cGMP compliant facility. Each batch of goBHB is tested by third party in the United States  for quality and purity.

Yes. BHB, or Beta-hydroxybutyrate, can be made in your own body. It’s naturally ocurring, or endogenous. There are hundreds of BHB supplements selling on Amazon. 

Yes, goBHB helps offer more energy for your body and have many benefits, and weight loss is one of them. You may check the detailed benefits of BHB here

The perfect blood ketone level is between 1 and 2 mmol. In order to achieve this blood ketone concentrations using goBHB alone, most goBHB supplements suggest a dose of 12 grams per day.